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There are several communal spaces in a housing society. The buyer will have to pay money for a share of these spaces at the time of the purchase in addition to the monthly maintenance fee for maintaining these places. To get to the super built-up area, builders frequently apply the loading factor on the carpet area, which refers to constructed spaces that are not solely allotted to the customer.

A flat’s built-up area consists of its carpeted area plus the space occupied by a wall. Other unused surfaces in a flat, such as a balcony, patio, flower gardens, etc., are also included in the build-up area. Because of this, when a flat’s space is described in terms of build-up area, it appears larger.

The area of the apartment that could be covered with a carpet is referred to as the carpet area. The area in your home that can be used to install a carpet is known as the carpet area or the net usable area.

Estate agents are individuals or organisations that provide assistance with the buying, renting, or administration of real estate.

Helping customers purchase and sell homes or other real estate is the primary service provided by estate agents. Other services offered include document preparation, leasing, rental services, house staging, and more.

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